Tips for your special, intimate event

From product launches to 21st birthday parties, every event is a unique occasion with a unique group of guests, at a particular venue with a specific theme or atmosphere. Every event requires some admin aspects that need to be followed through in order for your function to be a success.

Here are a few key tips to take into account when you are planning your unique event:

Put together a guest list

Before you decide on anything else, make sure that you have a complete guest list. This way you will be in a better position to know for how many people you need to cater for, and what time of venue you need to book.

Decide on a theme or dress code

If you want your event to have a specific theme or dress code, make sure you choose something that is not too complicated for your guests to attend to, or for you to find décor. Also remember to mention any form of dress code on your invitations.

Hire a reliable and trusted catering company

Should you decide to have any form of snacks or meals at your event, ensure that you book a reliable catering company a few weeks before the time. Make sure you mention that your guests might have specific dietary requirements, to ensure you cater for everyone. It is also a good idea to meet before the event to discuss the serving of the food and the presentation thereof.

Hire a RTJ Bar

Your events are not complete without a RTJ Premium Bar. No matter your requirements, we have mobile bar solution to complete your special occasion.

Send out invites on time and add an RSVP

Always send out invites a few weeks before the event. This way, your guests have enough time to schedule it into their diaries. Also remember to add an RSVP option, so you have more or less an idea of how many people will attend.

Finally, it is important to remember that every event differs, but still requires some careful thought in order for it to be successful.